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Client: USDA-ARS-NADC, Ames, Iowa
Project Type: Construction

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SHEKAR built approximately 3/4 mile long, 5’ wide concrete sidewalk per ADA requirement.  The project involved grading; compacting the base; pouring concrete and finishing; installing detectable warning indicators, constructing steps and railings; directional boring for security gate; installing conduits and wiring.  SHEKAR completed this project in 3-weeks to beat the approaching winter weather.

Client: NAVFAC Midwest Public Works Department, Great Lakes, IL
Project Type: Construction

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Tuck Point Grouting: Building 47 at the Navy Operational Support Center in Des Moines, Iowa which is identified as an historical building, was having problem with water seeping through the grouts of the exterior brick wall.  SHEKAR re-grouted the wall in question.  The scope of work included cutting the old grout; testing the existing grout; matching the grout color and composition; replacing deteriorated bricks; caulking the windows; acid washing the masonry; and installing T-5 Fluorescent light fixtures in the Drill Hall.  The project also required preparation and submittal of Accident Prevention Plan and Environmental Protection Plan.  SHEKAR completed this project on-time with no accident/incident.

Client: USDA-ARS-NADC, Ames, Iowa
Project Type: Construction

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Building 10 Transformer Pad & Electrical Improvements:  SHEKAR removed existing transformers; sampled the oil for PCBs; disposed 3 old transformers; dug foundation for new transformer pad with secondary containment; poured transformer pad; set owner provided 225kv transformer; relocated the overehead electrical lines to a new pole; installed new feeder from building 10 to 225kv transformer.  SHEKAR followed the USDA safety guide-lines for lock-out-tag-out and confined space entry.

Client: Weeks & Leo, Clive, Iowa
Project Type: Construction

Explosion Proof Addition To The Existing Facility: SHEKAR conducted interior demolition of the existing walls and floor; added news walls using metal studs; poured concrete ramps and floor slab to covert the floor space in to an explosion proof chemical storage and assembly line.  SHEKAR also installed a 32 camera security system

Client: USACE, Omaha District, NE
Project Type: Creek Restoration and Construction

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As a sub-contractor to Prudent Technologies, Inc., SHEKAR provided the consulting services for managing the USACE project Sand Creek Restoration in Wahoo, NE.  This project involved site grading; installing water, sewer, and electrical utilities; constructing shelters, kiosk and latrines; pouring concrete for boat ramp and parking lots; seeding; landscaping; and tree transplanting.  SHEKAR provided the project management for successful completion of this project on-time and within the budget.  The project cost was 4 million dollars.  SHEKAR ’s professionals were involved in all aspects of managing the project including scheduling, sub-contract negotiations, quality control, invoicing, communication with government staff and procurement.

Client: USEPA, Omaha District, NE
Project Type: Lead Based Paint (LBP) Stabilization

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As a sub-contractor to Prudent Technologies, Inc., SHEKAR provided the consulting services for managing and executing the USEPA project Omaha Lead Based Paint Stabilization.  This project involved scarping, priming, and exterior painting of 2,100 houses in Omaha, NE.  SHEKAR provided project management for 3 years.  SHEKAR’s professionals were involved in scheduling, quality control, site specific health and safety and overall execution of the 3-year project.

Client: HUD
Project Type: Lead Based Paint (LBP) Inspections

SHEKAR was the sole sub-contractor to Tidewater, Columbia, MD, to conduct LBP inspections of HUD houses in the state of Iowa.  The scope of work included inspecting houses to identify lead based paint in HUD owned houses using an XRF.  SHEKAR professionals inspected and prepared LBP inspection reports at an average of 300 houses per year, between 2006 and 2008.  SHEKAR also conducted closure sampling following LBP abatement at these houses

Client: USDA, St. Louis, MO
Project Type: Lead Based Paint (LBP) Inspections

SHEKAR  has completed several LBP inspections of houses that are owned by US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Client: Heartland Cooperative, West Des Moines, Iowa
Project Type: UST Projects

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The Heartland Cooperative owns several fueling stations with underground storage tanks (USTs) throughout the State of Iowa.  SHEKAR has provided a range of services at several of their gas stations.  The services have included RBCA Tier-1 & Tier-2 site assessments; groundwater fate and transport modeling; tank removals; free product recovery; corrective action designs; soil and groundwater remediation; installing monitoring wells; and plugging and abandoning wells.

Client: CSI-Precast, West Des Moines, IA
Project Type: Landfill

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SHEKAR conducts semi-annual monitoring of a closed Construction & Demolition (C&D) landfill per Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) guidelines.  SHEKAR also designed and prepared Hydrologic Monitoring System Plan (HMSP) and closure plan; supervised the installation of the closure cap and vegetative layer; and installed leachate monitoring wells.  SHEKAR conducts methane monitoring as well as groundwater sampling on a semi-annual basis.

Client: W&H Cooperative, Humboldt, IA
Project Type: Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)/ Construction - Design-Build

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SHEKAR designed and built four secondary containment facilities for storing petroleum products in ASTs for W & H Coop.  The AST facilities were built in Humboldt, Renwick, and Eagle Grove, Iowa.  The design included concrete floor and dykes, drainage system of the containment, containment liner, loading and unloading pads, normal and emergency vents of ASTS, and warning system.  SHEKAR upgraded the ASTs by installing vents and level gauges.  SHEKAR also prepared SPCC plans for all the four facilities.

Client: Microtel Inn ans Suites, Colfax, Iowa
Project Type: Construction - Design-Build

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SHEKAR designed and built a 40 guest room Microtel Inn and Suites in Colfax, Iowa.  The project cost was $1.75 million.  The motel was a 2-story high, wood framed, vinyl sided, and shingled roof building.  SHEKAR prepared both civil and architectural drawings for the project and designed all the utilities including the water main to meet the sprinkler system pressure requirements. SHEKAR also provided construction staking services.  As a general contractor, SHEKAR performed about 60% of the task on its own.  Several trades such as concrete flat work, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing were subcontracted.  The project was successfully completed in 9 months, within the budget, and to the fullest satisfaction of the client and franchise.

Client: Polk County, Dallas County and City of Marshalltown, Iowa
Project Type: Lead Based Paint (LBP) Abatement

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SHEKAR has completed about 20 lead abatement projects for Polk and Dallas County and City of Marshalltow in Iowa.  Projects varied between single family residential houses and apartment buildings.  The scope of work varied from replacing doors and windows, removing and replacing drywall, installing new siding, re-roofing, installing new flooring, paint stabilization of walls, wrapping window frames, excavating and replacing lead contaminated soil from the drip zone, etc.

Client: Appanoose County, Centerville, Iowa
Project Type: Remediation

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Appanoose County Site in Centerville, Iowa was a former gas station and was located next to a creek and within 200 feet of a drinking water well.  Floating free product was identified in several monitoring wells as well as petroleum sheen on the creek water.  In addition, several residential buildings with basements were identified within 300 feet radius of the site.  SHEKAR investigated the extent of soil and groundwater contamination and completed a RBCA Tier-2 report.  SHEKAR also developed a corrective action design to remove free product and remediate both soil and groundwater contamination.  The on-site building was demolished; existing tanks were removed and disposed; the contaminated soil was excavated and hauled to a landfarm site.  The extent and depth of excavation was decided by taking headspace readings using a PID and confirmed by laboratory analysis of soil samples.  The site was backfilled with clean dirt and restored to original grades.  Several monitoring wells were installed after the completion of the corrective action.  Groundwater monitoring results indicated significant reduction in contaminant concentrations.

Client: Keck Inc., Des Moines, Iowa
Project Type: Remediation/Emergency Response  

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Petropoint, a gas station at the intersection of Hickman and 100th Street in Urbandale, Iowa lost 1,300 gallons of gasoline due to a loose fitting. SHEKAR was retained to remove free product as quickly as possible to mitigate environmental impact.  SHEKAR personnel pumped approximately 600 gallons of free product using the leak detection wells that were located around the tank pit.  A low volume pumping was continued to prevent contamination migration.  A soil vapor extraction system with several extraction wells was installed around and in the tank pit.  The entire system was installed within 3-days.  SHEKAR successfully removed 1,300 gallons of free product within 3-months and prevented migration of contaminants off-site.

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