NE Main Street Improvements

projects / NE Main Street Improvements, Grimes, Iowa


May 8, 2019


City of Grimes

This Project was awarded to Shekar Engineering (SHEKAR) by the City of Grimes. The contract included removing and replacing approximately 2,500 LF of the existing NE Main Street in Grimes. The contract also included removing and replacing water and sanitary sewer service to all the properties that are located within construction limits. SHEKAR installed new storm sewer mains, water mains and fire hydrants. Working within the City limits and coordinating with homeowners posed a big challenge.

Contract No. 1005-15D
Client City of Grimes
Contract Type Fixed Price
Prime / Sub Prime
Final Contract Price $1,537,301.00
Contract Start Date 3/28/2017
Final Completion Date 11/17/2017
Client Contact

Rocehlle Williams
City Clerk, City of Grimes
101 NE Harvey Street, Grimes, IA 50111

Phone: 515-986-3036

Project Engineer John Washington
Fox Engineering
414 S 17th St., Suite 107, Ames, IA 50010

Phone: 515-233-0000

Project included:

  • Removing existing NE Main Street rural pavement section
  • Replace 9,325 SY of urbanized 29-ft wide PCC pavement using a slip-form paver.
  • Installing 2,860 LF of various sized storm sewer
  • Installing 2600 LF sub drain
  • Installing 20 storm sewer intakes
  • Installing 6 sanitary sewer manholes and 1,110 LF of sanitary services
  • Placing 2,600 SY PCC sidewalk and driveway,
  • Project Management,
  • Site grading, erosion control, and Hydro-seeding

SHEKAR performed the work safely with no accidents or human injuries.

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